Mushy apples. Dry pears.  Soggy grapes. Hard strawberries.

Now that’s just wrong.

At Ripe Juice Bar & Grill, ripe means ripe. We use only fruits and vegetables that are at the peak of freshness  Our juices and smoothies are made to order right on the spot with whole fruits and veggies — no sugar, no preservatives.

Sure we have “additives” — like echinacea, wheatgrass, whey protein, creatine, even cayenne pepper. Some of our customers know when they need a specific boost and we’re ready to serve. But most of them choose to get their nutrients from the ingredients themselves.

Like Ripe’s Immune Booster juice — a simple, perfect blend of sweet orange and carrot that pops with a blast of fresh ginger; The Rejuvenator — a complex yet balanced fruit and vegetable blend of apple, lemon, carrot, beet, and ginger; the wildly popular, refreshingly fruity Austin Summers — watermelon, apple, strawberry and lemon.

Ripe smoothies, made with fruits, juices, fat free yogurt or skim, soy or coconut milk, explode with flavor. Try a taste of the tropics with Brazilian Mango — mango, banana, yogurt, honey and skim milk; the fruit burst of  Austin Street — strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, banana, honey and soy milk; or Acai Detox — a blend of Acai berries, strawberries, blueberries, and apple juice.

Ripe also has great tasting, perfectly balanced Pre & Post Workout Shakes and meal replacements includingMyoplexLean Body and Isopure.

Whether you want a juice, smoothie or meal replacement, you can order from our taste-tested, well-balanced blends, or if you’re feeling inspired, you can even create your own combo.